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How We Help

pdb-CYD-coloringWe use the arts to tap into what is right about each child.

Just like an artist uses his skill to create a masterpiece, each and every one of us has the ability to create. We do it on a day-to-day basis. We create an idea for our business. We create a schedule for the day. We create time to play with the children. We create lasting friendships with a conversation or a helping hand.

Children are already familiar with the idea of imagination but they are not familiar with the power it has to change their lives on a practical basis. We take this natural ability, which is to create and we educate and inspire children to use it to create dreams and more importantly to create solutions in chasing their dreams.

We believe the most successful people in the world have at least two things in common; Education about the area they are involved in and Imagination which they have used to solve the problems stopping them from advancing their ideas, messages, efforts or products.

We empower children-in-need with the confidence and knowledge that they can create their future despite the anxiety, fear or uncertainty of the world around them.

We offer foundations, corporations and communities an opportunity to help us host concerts in local communities; sharing the powerful impact of the arts (music) and allowing the proceeds from the concert to be used to implement our programs (art, music, books and activities) into their communities to give children-in-need an opportunity to create brighter futures.