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Our Programs

Thousands of children are admitted into Children’s Hospitals every day and thousands more are devastated by their unsafe high-risk/low-income home environments. The stress, anxiety and worry that accompanies these experiences are often times overwhelming even debilitating.

We believe every child deserve a chance to achieve their potential especially those hit with troublesome circumstances which appear greater than themselves.

A child, given the tools and the confidence that others really want them to get well, to be safe and to achieve success in life can overcome the greatest of adversity.

 All of our programs introduce and reinforce the Practical Power of Imagination. This includes how imagination is directly related to the problem solving skills that empower a child to look toward the future and to give them hope in times when life seems overwhelming. 

 The Perfect Day Box Foundation provides... free of charge... little gift boxes “emergency kits,” art, books and interactive materials that soothe as well as inspire imagination giving children the much needed relief from the constant apprehension and anxiety they are experiencing.

We help children in hospitals, shelters and high-risk/low-income schools.