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After School Programs

pdb-CYD-coloring-2Often, the difference between children thinking they can succeed in life and not, is a little extra attention.

Years ago, Annie, the founder of the Perfect Day Box Foundation discovered this for herself. She worked with a young girl, Mariella, who was in her son’s first grade class. Mariella struggled with reading and rarely offered any answers in class. She was quickly falling behind. It was discovered this young girl just didn’t have the home support she need to keep up. Annie volunteered to create a little program for Mariella and to work with her every day.

After weeks of one-on-one attention, Mariella blossomed. She began to read with great passion and became the first to raise her hand when the teacher asked a question.

Annie was happy she had helped Mariella, but didn’t realize the magnitude of her help until she asked the young girl what she wanted to be when she grew up. The answer brought tears to our founder’s eyes. Mariella said she wanted to become a doctor.

A doctor! Wow! It was evident that Mariella had it in her all the time. What if nothing had been done? What if Mariella had never received the extra attention?

Our after school program is designed to work with any school’s needs. Our focus is to allow students to use their imagination to create their dreams and to inspire them to chase after them. In doing so, we give students a reason to want to learn. We use the arts to engage children and to show them the value of creating not just stories, but solutions. With that, we give them hope that they can create a much brighter future.

Contact us to design a program for your school’s needs.