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Perfect Day Box - perfectdaybox.comThe seeds of inspiration for The Perfect Day Foundation came from experiencing the emotional trauma children and families were going through after Hurricane Katrina. It was in a shelter that it was observed, there was a need to address the depth of loss and the worry about the future experienced by these families.

By definition, a shelter is a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger. Any child forced to reside in a shelter to escape anything bad or dangerous is experiencing emotional suffering.

By delivering “little boxes of hope” to children in these situations, we can provide an outlet for their anxiety. By addressing their anxiety through imagination we can show them how to envision a future. By giving them tools to envision a future, we give them back a little control of their lives, as well as showing them they are not alone.

For a young child whose world has just been turned upside, the practical power of imagination can be that familiar friend that helps them recover and build a stable future.